Regolith Storage and Transportation Systems

Bulk regolith storage and transportation systems for low gravity and zero-gravity environment.

Regolith Simulant Handling Systems

Regolith Simulant conveying, loading, discharging, storage, dust collection systems for terrestial tests.

Bulk Solids Logistics Solutions for Space Exploration Missions

Systems for loading, discharging, storage, transportation of regolith and other bulk solids in space exploration missions.

Excavation and Transport Rover​

Enables efficient collection, transportation, and transloading of regolith.

Telescopic Chute​

Facilitates dustless stockpiling of regolith, ensuring clean and efficient future use.

Integrated Space Resource Handling Systems​

Fully integrated setups featuring rovers, conveyors, storage containers, and telescopic chutes tailored for construction, resource extraction and similar missions on lunar and Martian surfaces.