Empowering space exploration through innovative ISRU and bulk solids handling solutions

Unlocking the Resources of Space with ISRU Technology

In-situ resource utilization (ISRU) is a key concept in space exploration, involving the use of local resources found on extraterrestrial bodies such as the Moon or Mars to sustain human life and operations. By utilizing ISRU technologies, we can reduce reliance on expensive and difficult-to-transport materials from Earth, making long-term space exploration more sustainable and cost-effective. From extracting water for drinking and growing crops to manufacturing building materials and rocket propellants, ISRU has the potential to enable a new era of human civilization beyond our planet.Polimak designs and produces state of the art space mining technologies for In-Situ REsource Utilisation

From Terrestrial to Extraterrestrial: Mastering Bulk Solids Handling in Regolith Environments

Our comprehensive range of solutions includes processing, conveying, storage, dust mitigation and feeding systems. With our vast knowledge and experience, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to space mining technologies, where efficient handling of bulk solids is crucial for extracting resources from celestial bodies such as the Moon, Mars and asteroids.

ISRU Solutions

Our ISRU solutions are designed to minimize reliance on costly Earth-based resources while also reducing the environmental impact of space mining operations. With our extensive experience in bulk solids handling, we create tailored systems that meet specific needs and optimize resource recovery.